Impact-Spots is a non-profit foundation

However, we cannot continue to grow quickly without gifts and subsidies. Do you also think our workplace is a great cause and do you want to support us so that we can allow even more refugees and participants to participate in our society?

Here are the two goals we are currently saving for. We appreciate every contribution, it will make a difference! You can support us by making a donation:

impact-spots foundation NL80RABO0346948894

Together we make life more beautiful!


Support us

We are currently saving for the realization of a sustainable roof on our outdoor area, where we can have lunch and coffee together. We will build the wooden roof ourselves with the participants, but we still need extra financial help for the materials. Naturally, the roof will be made of Dutch wood and with a green, sedum roof. Completely in line with our corporate values (sustainable, local and social).

Behind the scenes we are working hard to open our female sheltered workplace. For this we are looking for financial support for the purchase of sewing machines, laser machines and cutting tables. We are also looking for female volunteers. If you are interested, mail to

Would you like to make a financial or physical contribution to the realization of our dreams? Click on the link below for a donation or mail to, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Stichting Impact-Spots NL80RABO0346948894