Anyone who, for whatever reason, is on the sidelines of society, deserves a job opportunity.

Organizational Change Announcement

We would like to inform you of an important change within our organization.

To enhance the structure and long-term viability of our social workplace, we have decided to dissolve Stichting Impact-Spots
as of July 1, 2024. It will be merged with our company, Green-Spots B.V., which you may know by its brand name, Bijenhotelkopen.nl


We offer a safe workplace to people with a distance from the labor market.


With our workshop we create local impact, with an international vision.


Our focus is on social and local production, with a focus on people and the environment.


Impact-Spots is a non-profit social workshop. We provide work to people with a distance from the labor market, such as refugees (status holders / New Dutch) and participants on social welfare, WIA and Wajong. Impact-Spots is a safe place for people who are now on the sidelines of society. Men and women who have the potential and want to work on themselves and their future. The participants work on their (Dutch) employee skills through work-learning, work-language and work-fit training projects, so that they can move on to a paid job after the training ends.

Our goal: to create social impact by helping people on welfare to get a paid job as soon as possible.

Social Workplace

In our social workshop in Overloon, wooden products are produced for various customers, such as bee hotels, natural elements, and custom-made promotional gifts.

Bianca Pouw & Leon Gerrits

''Impact-Spots is an inspiring workplace. A place where vulnerable participants can work and learn safely.”


Our impact makers

We are there for people who have difficulty connecting to the current labor market. We offer a place to work and learn for people on welfare, WIA, Wajong and refugees. However, we are not a daytime activity center.

Our products

In the workshop, mainly products are made from local Dutch wood. All products are produced by hand and with respect for people and the environment. In addition to standard bee hotels, natural elements and business gifts, a lot of custom-made products are also produced.


Bee hotels

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