We are Impact-Spots

We are Impact-Spots, an initiative of Bianca Pouw and Leon Gerrits. We are committed to making the world a bit more beautiful, by combining enthusiasm and our commercial background with our social heart. In our sheltered workshop we produce various wood products with which we train our participants to become fully-fledged employees who can move on to a new study or a paid job.

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Bianca Pouw & Leon Gerrits

”We don't look at limitations, but at the talents of our participants and what he or she can learn. Moving on to a regular job is our goal!”

Our logo

Our logo with the different colored balls has a deeper meaning, it is not just a happy logo.  The different colors and sizes of the balls represent our participants.  These men and women come from all different countries, have different backgrounds, educational level, religion, skin color, norms and values, problems, challenges, physical and mental condition and limitations.  But together we are 1 team and we try to help each other towards a better future.

The different colored balls also symbolize the “spots” worldwide. Our ambition is to scale up our business model internationally. To create safe work and learning places for vulnerable girls and women in different countries. International spots where we can create local impact.

Our story

Impact-Spots is a non-profit social enterprise. Impact-Spots offers work-learning, working-language and work-fit projects for people who have difficulty finding a place in the labor market.

For refugees and other people with a distance to the labor market, we want to ensure better integration, acceptance and a stepping stone to a permanent job in the labor market.  Work is being done on empowerment, improving the Dutch language and getting acquainted with Dutch employee skills by giving the participants a place in society where they work on self-confidence, development and future prospects.

We are a sheltered workshop. We look at business in a different way. Not earning more money, but creating more social impact. Because you can be successful in many different ways.

The mission of Impact-Spots is to create an inspiring workplace where participants, who have a vulnerable position in the labor market, can work and learn to later independently emerge sustainably in society.

Work at Impact-Spots

Do you also want to take up the challenge and work for us, do not hesitate and contact us.

We are looking for volunteers for the social workplace. Are you interested?  Mail us at info@impact-spots.com

Cooperate with us

The partners below are organizations we work with. We are always looking for partners to work with. Certainly also outside The Netherlands! Are you interested in starting an Impact-Spot in your country?  Please contact Bianca Pouw via info@impact-spots.com.