We believe in a social and circular society

A society where everyone contributes to society and where no one is excluded.

We employ people who, for whatever reason, have not or never worked for a long time. People who want to participate, but have not really seen or gotten the opportunity to do so alone. Together we discover opportunities, through guidance on the work floor and guidance from the municipality's customer-manager.

Through the 1-on-1 guidance and coaching on (Dutch) employee skills, more than 90% of the participants ultimately end up in a paid job in the region or start a new training!

a reason to get out of bed in the morning

a reason to spend the day “meaningfully”

getting to know someone as a colleague and sometimes even as a new friend

an opportunity to work on a better future, for himself but also for his / her children

building a social network

Help on your way

Impact-Spots strives to help as many status holders (New Dutch) as possible on their way in the context of integration, in order to later independently flow out into society in a sustainable way.
By offering the participants 1-on-1 guidance in a small team in a safe environment where they can work on their Dutch employee skills, the participants regain their self-esteem. The key in this is that the products made are sold and appreciated by customers. As a result, the appreciation comes not only from colleagues but also from customers.

Be the best they can be

This positive experience strengthens the participants’ motivation to be the best they can be, to want to (and dare) speak better Dutch, to integrate and, above all, to gain confidence that they can build a good life in The Netherlands, for themselves and for their family.

Participants also inspire each other, help each other and often become friends in addition to colleagues.

Impact-Spots wants to let people grow. This applies to our participants, but also to our customers and our volunteers.


The moment you enter the workshop you feel a relaxed atmosphere while there is an organized production process. People work, laugh, sing and talk, people walk up and down and yet there is peace.

''You make an impact for someone else, the world and yourself. Because helping each other makes you happy!''