''At Impact-Spots we not only want to give people a second chance, but also raw materials!''

Every year, 75 million kilos of textiles are collected in the Netherlands. About 135 million kilos disappear with the residual waste.

At least 65% of the textiles that are thrown away can be easily recycled. Only 8% of the textiles cannot be recycled.

Of all waste flows, the recycling of textile provides the most CO2 savings. 1 kilogram of glass is good for 323 grams less CO2 emissions, 1 kilogram of textile for 3,432 grams less CO2 emissions.

If no one throws away more textiles, we would emit 425 million kilos of CO2 less – that is comparable to 2,250 million car kilometers.

Reuse of textiles results in enormous water savings. The production of 1 kilogram of cotton costs 10,000 liters of water. 95% of our water consumption is in the products we buy.