Dedicated, fun and hard work

Our team of participants learns from each other through collaboration. The team is dedicated, is having fun and is working hard, but in between there is always room for a chat and to sing along to the radio. Lunch is an important moment, we take the time to eat together and hear each other’s stories and talk about everyone’s background, culture and customs. For the refugees, the Dutch language is practiced in an accessible way and Dutch traditions, norms and values, holidays and also crazy things are reviewed. Every day we pay attention to “the word of the day”.

What are statusholders?

The refugees in our program are called status holders. Status holders are people from outside the EU who are allowed to be and work here in The Netherlands. Sometimes they have fled violence or oppression. Or they are here as part of a family reunion.


For the most part, status holders are strong people who are willing and were able to come all the way to The Netherlands and leave their familiar world. Usually they have already had a school and / or work career.

Now they face the great challenge of starting all over again in The Netherlands and integrating quickly.

Working = integrating

Over and over again, research shows that working is the best way to integrate. That is exactly what we try to achieve at Impact-Spots. Status holders work 2 or 3 days a week in a team in our social workshop. In this way, they learn Dutch employee skills and thereby significantly increase their chances on the Dutch labor market. The common goal of the municipality, status holder and Impact-Spots: to help people on welfare get a paid job as soon as possible.

''Singing with the radio is good for the development of the Dutch language. Whether the theme is carnaval, Sinterklaas, Christmas or a birthday, singing in the workplace is good for our participants. Both for language development, atmosphere and also for mental peace of mind.''

How do we make this happen?

First of all, the strength of the participant is most important to us. In doing so, we make use of all previous training and / or work experiences. Then, during the 3 or 6-month training project, we will jointly examine how these experiences can be applied in Dutch society.

In addition, we work tailor-made. We have a personal conversation with each participant to find work that is meaningful to him or her based on personal preferences. “Meaningful work” is our starting point. Because, if you do the work that you enjoy and that gives you energy you feel better, you show your best side and are willing to challenge and give yourself the best. With meaningful work, the status holder and his / her family become “contributing citizens”.

With our large regional network, we offer possibilities for work or a new study that suits the wishes and needs of the participants.

This entire process is carried out on behalf of, and in close collaboration with, the customer-manager of the municipality.

Someone who is truly integrated and who makes a financial, cultural and social contribution to Dutch society. That is integration that benefits everyone.

Be the best they can be

This positive experience strengthens the participants’ motivation to be the best they can be, to want to (and dare to) speak better Dutch, to integrate and, above all, to gain confidence that they can build a good life in The Netherlands, for themselves and for their family.

Participants also inspire and help each other and often become friends in addition to colleagues.

Impact-Spots wants to let people grow. This applies to our participants, but also to our customers and our volunteers.

The moment you enter the workshop you feel a relaxed atmosphere even though there is an organized production process going on. People work, laugh, sing and talk, people walk up and down and yet there is peace.